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 Language and Culture: Culture/ Cultures:  Language and Culture: Culture: Irish:  Language and Culture: Language: English:  Language and Culture: Language: French:  Language and Culture: Language: German:  Language and Culture: Languages & Linguistics:  Lifestyles: Artistic/Creative:  Love and Relationships: Friends/ Friendship:  Love and Relationships: Hugs/ Hugging:  Love and Relationships: Kisses/ Kissing:  Love and Relationships: Love:  Love and Relationships: Loyalty:  Love and Relationships: Pen Pals:  Love and Relationships: Relationships: Mother/Daughter:  Love and Relationships: Sister/ Sister:  Occupations: Actors/Actresses:  Occupations: Authors/ Writers:  Occupations: Dancers:  Occupations: Musicians:  Occupations: Singer-songwriters:  Occupations: Teachers:  People: Brothers:  People: Men:  People: Men - English:  People: Men - Italian:  People: Mothers:  People: People: Irish:  People: People: Left-handed:  People: Women:  Physical Appearance and Voices: Hair: Long:  Physical Appearance: Eyes:  Physical Appearance: Eyes: Blue:  Physical Appearance: Eyes: Brown:  Physical Appearance: Eyes: Green:  Physical Appearance: Eyes: Hazel:  Physical Appearance: Hair: Redheads:  Physical Appearance: Male Body:  Physical Appearance: Men: Long-haired:  Physical Appearance: Men: Tattooed:  Physical Appearance: Smiles:  Physical Appearance: Women: Brown-haired:  Physical Appearance: Women: Red-haired:

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