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 Countries/Nations: Argentina:  Countries/Nations: Australia:  Countries/Nations: Canada:  Countries/Nations: England:  Countries/Nations: Finland:  Countries/Nations: France:  Countries/Nations: Germany:  Countries/Nations: Iceland:  Countries/Nations: Ireland:  Countries/Nations: Italy:  Countries/Nations: New Zealand:  Countries/Nations: Russia:  Countries/Nations: Scotland:  Countries/Nations: Sweden:  Countries/Nations: Wales:  General Places: Amusement Parks/ Themed Parks:  General Places: Bedrooms:  General Places: Bookstores:  General Places: Castles:  General Places: Factory Outlet Stores:  General Places: Gardens:  General Places: Malls/Shopping Malls:  General Places: Movie Theaters/ Cinemas:  General Places: Museums:  General Places: Music Stores:  General Places: Palaces:  General Places: Parks:  Natural Places (Islands, Mountains, etc.): Scotland: Isle of Iona:  Sights: England: London: Big Ben:  Sights: England: London: The British Museum:  Sights: England: London: Tower of London:  Sights: England: Stonehenge:  Sights: France: Mont St. Michel:  Sights: France: Paris: The Louvre Museum:  Sights: Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle:  States/Provinces/Regions: Scandinavia:  Towns/Cities: Argentina: Buenos Aires:  Towns/Cities: England: Birmingham:  Towns/Cities: England: London:  Towns/Cities: Finland: Helsinki:  Towns/Cities: France: Paris:  Towns/Cities: Ireland: Dublin:  Towns/Cities: Italy: Rome:  Towns/Cities: New Zealand: Wellington:  Towns/Cities: Russia: Saint Petersburg:  Towns/Cities: Scotland: Edinburgh:  Towns/Cities: USA: California: Los Angeles:  Towns/Cities: USA: New York: New York:

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