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Who is Cassia?

Cassia Maria Reyes is the main character of the Matched series written by Ally Condie. She lives in The Society, a land where your mate is chosen for you, and where you die at a certain age according to the rules of the authorities.

On the night of her 17th birthday (June 15th) Cassia has her Match Banquet, where she will learn who is her chosen partner for life. In her gown of choice, a green silk dress, she discovers that she has been matched to Xander Carrow, her long-time friend. But the morning after, something happens: at the end of the report on Xander, someone else's face appears. He's Ky Markham, and his unexpected, mysterious appearance there opens a door that will change Cassia's life forever.

The Books

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Matched and Crossed have already been published. Reached will be published on November 13th, 2012.