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"Pit stop!"

Guido is a character in Cars and Cars 2. His model is an Alza/Tutto Forklift. Like his boss Luigi, Guido is an avid Ferrari racing fan who dreams of performing a real pit stop on a real race car. To better prepare himself, he practices tire changes at night on wooden practice frames he built in his garage. One of these days, he hopes to set a new world record for the fastest pit stop of all time. But until that happens, he continues his quest to further enlighten himself. Currently, Guido is reading Tire Changes for the Soul, and Four Tires, One Goal."

Guido ultimately realizes his dream when he works on Lightning McQueen's pit crew under the command of Doc Hudson. Guido deals with the derisive attitude of Chick Hicks' pit crew by single-handedly changing McQueen's tires in record time, something not even four experienced pit crewmen could do, causing their mustaches to fall off in astonishment.

At the end of the movie, Luigi and Guido are stunned to see Michael Schumacher Ferrari come into their store, having been told by McQueen that they had the best tires in the world. Luigi asked Guido to punch him, before collapsing on his side. Michael then addressed Guido in Italian, causing the latter to fall over as well.

Cars 2

In this film, Guido and Luigi tag along with McQueen as his pit crew. He is seen serving drinks at the Wheel Well Motel at the beginning of the film. Later in Tokyo, he doesn't believe Mater's claim that Holley Shiftwell is his girlfriend, until the end of the film where she finally says it herself in a jaw-dropping moment. Uncle Topolino reveals that Guido and Luigi used to always fight; precisely at that moment, they are seen fighting over a girl car until another girl car comes, which solves their problem. He also helps to fight the lemons later in the film, removing all four tires of two Gremlins in an instant. He tries to take off the bomb attached to Mater, but his drill won't do it and he gets frustrated and leaves.