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MacKayla Lane is the main female character in theĀ FeverĀ series written by Karen Marie Moning. She loves fashion. She loves pink. While Barrons is "Mr. Night", Mac considers herself "Ms. Rainbow".

But not everything in her life is light, sun and fun. When she travels from Georgia to Dublin, Ireland, to try and reveal who murdered her sister Alina, MacKayla is faced with a world - and a heritage - she knew nothing about: she's a Sidhe-seer. While Sidhe-seers can see the Fae that have been entering the human world without being noticed, Mac also has a special talent: she can sense the Sinsar Dubh, the dark book that might hold the key to stop the Unseelie invasion. In her quest for revenge, she meets the dark and mysterious Jericho Barrons, a bookstore owner who knows more than he cares to share, and V'Lane, a Fae prince with a power over her she can't battle. Will Mac be able to avenge her sister's death, or will she be trapped in the Fae invasion of Dublin?


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